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Lunar Meditation

Observing lunar cycles with devotion can bring us a multitude of benefits including cosmic insight and self awareness.

Water is an essential element for the efficient functioning of our body and environment. The moon has an impact on the fluid contents in the human body and also affects the flow of water in plant life. Various intersections throughout the moons journey can serve as gateways to meditate and connect to restore our inner universe.


Effects of meditation are amplified during cosmic events, therefore selecting a specific lunar phase such as a full moon can offer us an opportunity to go on a special journey. Avoid grains and heavy meals leading up to the day of meditation. The qualities from the food we consume take three to four days to reach the brain. At the time of the full moon the earth’s pressure is at its highest. On the day, select a fresh white fruit that consists of high water content such as an apple, coconut or banana to make an offering to the moon with. This will become Prasādam. Food that will become blessed by the process of giving and receiving. Begin by cutting the fruit and placing it into a bowl and whilst facing in the direction of the moon, offer it as a gift. A salutation to the moon can be made by repeating the following mantra: 'Om Chandraya Namah'. Acknowledging the moon in such a way can bring us clear perspective, intellect and blessings.

Another optimum time for both fasting and meditation is on the eleventh lunar day following the new moon and the eleventh lunar day following the full moon. This is called Ekadashi.


The following is a breathing technique to prepare you for meditation. Sit crossed legged. Hold the waist, spine, chest, neck and head upright. Without motion, fix the eyes at the tip of the nose and the mind steadily between the eyebrows. Find a steady momentum in your breath observing each inhalation and exhalation. With ease, in through your nose for a count of four. Slowly exhale through your nose for a count of four. Repeat this cycle ten times. 

Focus only on the concentration of your breathing to regulate your actuality. Your mind is still in this manner and your consciousness becomes reality. Similarly to when you dream, except then it is your unconscious that is regulating.

The main objectives of this deep breathing exercise are to strengthen your ability for directing your thoughts, raise your vibration and rejuvenate your cells through oxygenating them. This has tremendous therapeutic and metabolic value. After the breathing exercise you are ready to begin a twenty minute lunar meditation session.

Lunar Phases

Lunar Meditation

Keeping the same breathing technique visualise that you are water. Serene and ever flowing with a keen willingness to adapt. The water acts as a transporter of the message you have conveyed through the mantra to higher levels of consciousness.

Maintain your breathing by inhaling through your nose for a count of four and slowly exhaling through your nose for a count of four. Visualise the moon and request your message is accepted through the unbreakable bond between both moon and water.

Open your eyes slowly, stay calm and enjoy the bliss of higher frequency. Feel the oneness with the universe. Thank life for the Prasādam and enjoy it with loved ones or alone.

The moon serves the earth and its habitants in many ways. From nourishing our food produce with moonlight, to regulating the earth's climates. The moon is also our messenger and by means of lunar meditation you are able to send and receive messages attracting your light inside.

Lunar Meditation

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