A collection of personal writings by Space Apricity

“Until the mind is befriended by the practice of yoga and meditation, one will continue serving the dictations of material energy.”

“Feel everything and demand everything, even the things you cannot touch or see.”

“In the mode of goodness, you become free from sinful reactions, with this understanding happiness occurs.”

“It is your duty to explore, and your responsibility to expand.”

“Going with the flow, a paradox unknown denies the opportunity to truly experience.”

“If plastic can manipulate the solar energy it absorbs, imagine what humans can do with it.”

“I needn’t fear my eternal enemy ‘lust’, for the senses remain regulated. I keep fear only for my passing friend ‘time’, for he is on a strict schedule.”

“Flirt with creation as it flirts with you. Explore, become smaller than an atom. Travel, drink the rays of the sun. Play, with those that make your light dance.”

“Let’s discuss your material condition later. I’m more interested in knowing where the Moon was when you were born.”

“Don’t insult karma by blaming a bad day on fate.”

“You have a better chance in taming your false ego than losing it. Master it and wear it as an ornament.”

“Your intuition and gut feeling are a mixture of subliminal, transcendental, analytical and pre-calculated decisions.”

“Your mind is your sixth sense.”

“Step outside to look inside to decide.”

“Create, learn and play. In any order”

“How you choose to satisfy your five senses determines your life's path.”

“Throughout the expanse of space, the infinite planets, moons and stars in the cosmos are in the midst of a beautiful epic. Performing their duties, on their own paths, with their own souls. The cosmos is as alive as we are here on Earth.”

“The Moon’s light will only guide you until the Sun rises, and the same Sun won't hesitate blinding you before it sets.”

“The difference between your friends and karma is that your friends will let you off.”

“I'm only human, mankind's biggest excuse.”

“The Moon and the Sun. Nature's greatest love story.”

“Pure love abandons attachment, conditions and ownership.”

“Unconditional love is an energetic force infused with appreciation and gratitude.”

“When you use your senses for soul lifting activities, you will begin to see positive differences in your life, such as breaking typical cycles of consumerism.”

“There is science in spirituality and spirituality in science.”

“By becoming aware of the great aspects of the chakras, we can know the corrections we need to make on our spiritual journey, while at the same time gaining understanding of others.”

“A mantra is your direct connection to an ecstatic nature beyond the senses.”


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