Senses Decoded

Senses Decoded

Space Apricity

Humility can be defined as not being anxious about feeling deserved satisfaction when being honoured by others.

The false notion of modesty is materially deceptive and can be overcome by use of our senses, without our senses there would be no outlet for our gratification. The ability to attune our senses can be compared to having a remote control to an advanced technology capable of unbelievable feats. Naturally with capabilities this advanced detailed instructions will be required. Our senses constantly seek sense gratification, when in fact the senses should primarily be gratified to maintain the body and acquire knowledge to progress spiritually. Therefore, our senses are for elevation and not satisfaction.

How you choose to satisfy your five senses determines your life's path.
Decoding the senses means to first understand the ego. False ego means accepting the human body as oneself. When one understands that he is not his body and is a soul, that is actual ego which should not be condemned. When the sense of "I am" is applied to our human body, this is false ego, but when the sense of self is applied to reality, that is true ego. There are those that state we should give up our ego, but we cannot give up our ego because ego means identity. However, we should give up the false identification with the body. Once this is in process we become more in line with our souls desire, as opposed to our material desire, allowing us to control and use our senses graciously.

All that is consumed by sight, sound, taste, touch and smell is considered our diet. We are sensitive beings that easily react to elements such as light and sound, therefore it is important to know, ultimately what we consume becomes us. The most uncontrollable sense is the tongue. If one can control the tongue, then there is every possibility of controlling the other senses. The function of the tongue is to taste and to vibrate. Therefore, by an underestimated process of regulation such as eating foods in the mode of goodness and engaging in positive dialogs, the purification of the tongue begins. With this sense under control, other senses naturally begin to follow order. It will not be pleasing for the eyes to see foods not prepared in goodness. The ears will not want to hear anything that is not positive. Therefore, it is clear that with the tongue in control our other senses are controlled as a consequence.

Decoding the senses continues by knowing them beyond the five commonly recognised senses. There are then the five working senses: the hands, the legs, the voice, the anus and the reproductive organs. Then, above the senses, there is the mind, which can be called the sense within. Therefore, including the mind, there are eleven senses altogether. Then there are the five objects of the senses: sound, taste, touch, smell and warmth. The name of all the elements is called the field of activity. We are continuously experiencing active senses and elements throughout our life that we must be aware of to behave consciously and progress spiritually. Without grasping this knowledge, we remain with the controls but with no instructions.

Senses Hierarchy

Our senses are known to be superior to the body as a whole. They are outlets for a vast number of our activities. It is important to know that the mind is higher than the senses, intelligence is higher than the mind, and the soul is higher than intelligence. The senses, although at the lower end of the hierarchy, are the instruments which allow us to consume experiences that are then valued by our soul. Understanding the constitutional position of the soul is fundamental in order to progress spiritually. When we cultivate a higher level of consciousness the senses have no domain to act superior to the body. If the objects of sense gratification are superior to the senses, and the mind is superior to the sense objects, our regulation of the senses is possible, then there is little chance of the senses degrading us.
We are not the only beings that fall helpless to our senses. Animals can help us understand the superiority of the senses. A deer will head towards the mating sounds of a hunters call, a bee will land on a flower containing poison lured in by the sweet smell, a moth will fly towards unfathomable heat as the light pleasures its eyes, and an elephant will follow another after being touched to fall in a hunters trap. If animals with less consciousness and understanding than humans are degraded so easily by their senses, we must evaluate how we use our own.

The soul is the knower of all, with its gift of intelligence it can strengthen the senses and employ them to reach a higher state of consciousness.

- Space Apricity

Senses Decoded

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