Spirit in Me

Spirit in Me

Space Apricity

It’s true, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Being responsible for creating the world's most expensive champagne came with material accolades and an action packed lifestyle... a lifestyle that I would soon turn my back on. I would unknowingly go on a unique meditation retreat disguised as endless 1pax transatlantic flights. Extensive time alone is what it took for me to realise I had become distanced from what I consider ultimate reality. The core teachings of spirituality, knowledge imparted to me since youth from my mother who sings mantras from the break of dawn. Honest revelations had once again let me feel the spirit in me.

Dissatisfaction with material achievements directed my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship towards worthwhile causes and projects. The last years have seen me enabling the life sciences sector. Working with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as technology advisory during the Brexit transition and more recently at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, working with global strategists digitalising filing plans for optimal pathways during the Covid vaccine rollout.

Overnight I chose to go from guy sleeping on the plane to guy standing on the train. With my soul dictating, on a quest I went to reconnect. A willingness to strive for goodness allowed me to use my spiritual, educational and technological knowledge to code this website, write articles and create learnings for you. An insatiable thirst exists in me to continue deciphering the science of spirituality for the benefit of all. I give credit to the song of God, the Bhagavad Gita.

There is a widespread perception that we live in a secular and technology driven age, in which religious doctrine and practice are increasingly out of place. Consequently, ‘spirituality’ is often used as a convenient term or concept. It is perceived as having a more positive and virtuous connotation, as supposedly it entails a more personal and experimental experience of the divine or supernatural. Dreaming Peacock serves to make spirituality both a meaningful term and a purposeful concept. A concept which has the ability to enable individuals to tap into their inner self and discover an understanding of the human experience.

Society can promote a way of life that is not aligned with our true nature or purpose. Confusion pervades the consciousness of mankind and the distractions of everyday life bind us into consumerism, which keep us further entangled in material existence. For example, those eating meat may one day decide to turn to veganism for the sake of animals, but some time later convenience may overcome compassion and one may revert to consuming meat. Similarly, somebody practising spirituality could easily become disrupted, returning them to life before spirituality with perhaps nothing more than a polished ego gained. Unless we begin to detach ourselves from contrived necessities, we are susceptible to fall victims to the cycle of consumerism.

Practising spirituality allows us to enquire into our purpose with no authority or judgement and without chasing motive, but simply in acceptance. In essence, spirituality allows you to develop a moral responsiveness to everyday life.

"When you use your senses for soul lifting activities, you will begin to see positive differences in your life, such as breaking typical cycles of consumerism."

Being spiritual is the ability to put your spirit into rituals that offer goodness to others. Only once you add your spirit does it become spiritual, otherwise it remains a ritual. Others do not have the authority to validate your actions that are performed with spirit, only your inner self has the authority to value your personal decisions. Remember, your soul values every yes or no decision you make in life. If the growth of a fruit is based predominantly on the forces of its external environment and not in accordance to the program of its seed, then the seed will cease to be, and the relationship between fruit and its seed will be separated. When the fruit maintains its relationship with the seed then without a doubt the fruit will flourish.

Regardless if you are completely new to the concept of spirituality or have some insight and don’t know the next step, begin by a simple practice of honesty. Be truthful to yourself in understanding your life as it currently is. Observe your lifestyle choices, values and morals. Go deeper and observe your diet, not limited to food but everything you consume using your five senses. Observe your relationships and even your everyday habits. This is not a call to make a checklist for making drastic changes in your life, but to understand where you currently stand and how it honestly resonates with you. With this information about yourself, you can take the next step in exploring which philosophies you feel aligned with. Following a philosophy does not limit you when it is guided by goodness and love.

By beginning these two practices you have started the process of awakening your spirituality. The journey will become apparent and keep you company for the rest of your life. What comes next is a path to knowledge. I have spent several years compiling the most essential knowledge inspired by teachings from around the world and have put the most karma healing topics together in one place for you. Dreaming Peacock is an extensive personal development platform that guides you to the path of liberation by offering deep rooted awareness.

Spirituality is not about being happier or better than the other. It is about realisation, connecting to the source that powers us and remembering who we are so we can enable ourselves to break the chains of karma and free our souls from the awkward position you could say we are in. We are living in the material sky, which is but a drop in the ocean of the spiritual sky, currently having a life experience in human avatar. Spiritual evolution is about becoming aware that whether or not there is a blueprint behind material evolution, there is enough science to prove there are laws of nature beyond our comprehension. This offers us hope, energy and love, which become the catalysts that enable us to continue our spiritual journey.

"There is science in spirituality and spirituality in science."

The journey we speak of does not lead into the unknown but into the core of the inner self. Looking externally, we are limited to what our senses can process. Looking within we are unlimited in what we can discover. We are aided with meditation to look within, and yoga to help us meditate. Once we understand the aids available we can begin the process of self realisation.

Imagine the greatest impossibility you can think of. Now, try to think of a way it could become possible. Chances are you will find a way, however impossible it may have initially seemed. Everything is possible because our consciousness is reality. If we are capable of thinking it, then it is possible.

The following practice will evoke a sense of knowing of the self.
Feel at peace, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and open both palms of your hands facing upwards and repeat in your mind, as if you are talking to your soul to make a connection:
‘I remember who I am’, ‘I remember who I am’

- Space Apricity

Spirit in Me

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