Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love

Space Apricity

The love you seek should be attained through clear invitation, it is with your consciousness that you can cultivate and nourish the idea of a perfect love.

The longing for security and the demand to be safe in love, inevitably invites insecurity. If the invitation is not clear unwanted items adjoin the pleasures of being in love, such as competition and control. These are due to the modes of material nature. If we have transcended the modes prior to sending the invitation, another kind of love can be welcomed and experienced, a spiritual love full of qualities of beauty and purity, complete with kindness and freedom from the feeling of duty.

The demand and supply of physical and psychological needs removes the freedom from a relationship. If you restrict your love the moment a partner ceases to supply to your demands, this determines that the relationship is bound by conditions. When we love there must be freedom, not only from another but also from ourselves.

The concept of love cannot flourish when there is a high level of demand. Dependency on a partner to bring fulfilment or a sense of belonging creates anxieties, which originate from fear. As long as fear exists there cannot be a pure love free from distresses. Anxieties are more often than not created by ourselves, they are the outcome of thought and time. When you feel with your heart and are not dominated by the senses, you become aware of how fear has arisen from within you. Only then will you have the awareness to be amongst wholesome conscious thoughts that end any distress. We may go through life believing that our emotions and sentiments form the basis of love, therefore not truly appreciating love in its full essence. Our thoughts alone are unable to cultivate love, as thoughts are in the most part solely recordings of our past.

“Love is an energy that exists in the present, an energy that needs no control, comparison or motive to change the other.”
Only when love has an opposite it has conflict. We are erroneously led to believe the opposite of love is hate. Love is not the feeble concept it is generally accepted to be. The existing concept of love prevents us from experiencing a spiritual love. Once the false notions of love have been lifted, like a layer of dust on a mirror, only then can you see the beautiful thing called love. Conditions, dominance, possessiveness and dependence should not accompany love. In the Sanskrit language, which is considered to be the mother of all languages, there are 96 known words for love. Having the ability to verbalise the word in more than one way allows us to experience love to a higher capacity. This offers us a direct subjective experience of the qualities associated with the purest sensations.

Nature is considered feminine, therefore within us all feminine energy resides. Inner masculinity should meet inner feminine energy. Having this inner unity of both qualities is what makes a fully developed human being. A being that can only then be truly fulfilled.

Shiva Shakti

Without love our life has no meaning, yet regrettably lust and desire may degrade our values towards love. Our senses act as outlets for lust, therefore it is crucial to gain understanding of both our thoughts and our influences. Love brings beauty into our lives, this beauty allows us to excel and solve problems. Without love we fail to experience the compelling nature of beauty. When there is total self abandonment devoid of motive, we can find love. A love that is both personal and impersonal, a love that is present and alive.

Once you find your spiritual love, a lifetime of exploring awaits you. The endeavour of becoming acquainted with your love should never cease to be. What you think you know of them will differ as time passes. It is important to know time can be distorted. Attention distorts time. For example, it becomes distorted whilst we are performing actions or paying attention to different aspects of the environment. Hence time passes faster when experiencing joyful moments.

“I needn’t fear my eternal enemy ‘lust’, for the senses remain regulated. I keep fear only for my passing friend ‘time’, for he is on a strict schedule.”
Humans are dynamic, your partner can greatly evolve within the space of a year. Asking thoughtful and inquisitive questions can be the ingredient for upkeep. The continuous act of acquainting increases your sense of connection and allows you to grow together and expand your ever growing relationship.

By understanding the true spirit of love you can design a perfect invitation for welcoming a spiritual relationship and maintaining it.

- Space Apricity

Spiritual Love

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