Understanding Chakras

Understanding Chakras

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A chakra is a connection point of energy channels.

The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and was first mentioned in the Indian Vedic texts. Chakras hold both physical and spiritual significance, in this article we will explore both, detailing what each chakra governs. There are actually 112 chakras in the human body, categorised into seven dimensions. To simplify this concept we work on seven principal chakras, each representing one of the seven dimensions. The seven fundamental chakras are known as the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. To achieve an optimised living experience, the chakras should be balanced, neither under or overactive. They are all related, each chakra controls the ones that reside below it. Intricate networks of nerves along the spinal cord and in the cranium connect these seven chakras. Our spirit energy travels through our body, entering each of the chakras, activating their functions.

"By becoming aware of the great aspects of the chakras, we can know the corrections we need to make on our spiritual journey, while at the same time gaining understanding of others."
Attaining higher levels of consciousness allows us to move upwards through the chakras, creating an energy flow that unites all components and allows the mind and body to function as a whole.

Root chakraAssociated colour: RedRuling planet: Mars
Located at the base of the spine. It is associated with the reproductive glands, controlling sexual development and secreting hormones. Also related to the kidneys and the spine.

The root chakra is dominated by the thought programs we have stored in the unconscious mind. It governs the most basic survival needs and is also the memory core. It contains personal memories and karma accumulated in both our past lives and our current life. If your energy is presiding in the root chakra, the desire for food and sleep will be most dominant. When we are engaged with remembering our past, we are using the force of the root chakra. It is the very first chakra dimension we experience and is connected to learned patterns and behaviours acquired from our first years of life, which form physical identity and ego identification.

Sacral chakraAssociated colour: OrangeRuling planet: Mercury
Located just below the navel. It is associated with the adrenal glands, which regulate the immune system and metabolism. The bladder, the womb, the reproductive system, kidneys and gallbladder.

As mentioned, the first chakra deals with stored memories. When we access those memories we may attempt to reason for the gain of intelligence or understanding, reasoning is an attribute connected to the sacral chakra. From here, judgement can be born. We naturally progress into this chakra when we develop our critical faculty. When attempting to reason we distort, delete and generalise the information we have selectively stored. If the sacral chakra is highly active, people are plagued with questions and demand explanations, often formulating strong opinions and viewpoints which are reinforced by the thought patterns of the unconscious mind, dominated by the first chakra. Additionally, the desire for material pleasures will be dominant. However, when this chakra is in harmony it allows for great creativity in the physical world.

Solar plexus chakraAssociated colour: YellowRuling planet: Jupiter
Located in the upper abdomen, where the diaphragm rests. It is associated with the pancreas and regulating metabolism.

The third chakra is physically represented by a complex network of nerves and ganglia that form part of the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the body’s fight, flight or freeze response. These nerves are fundamental to the functioning of the bladder, liver and stomach. This chakra represents your intentions and the sense of purpose in your actions. Intentional energy from this chakra can flow to either the material consciousness of the first two chakras or to the spiritual consciousness associated with the fourth and fifth chakras. When the action is limited to memory, judgement and willpower, the outcome will be an individual that acts in an instinctive reactive manner. However, when the action encompasses the next two higher chakras, there will be heightened awareness of the self and others.

Heart chakraAssociated colour: GreenRuling planet: Venus
Located in the centre of the chest. It is connected to the thymus gland, which regulates the immune system. The heart and lungs.

The heart chakra represents compassion for the self and for others. It unifies, overcoming separation and division. This chakra is activated through perception and insight, the individual is complete and self-assured. This comes from a deep understanding of human nature, bringing unity and patience with others, and the ability to resolve disputes and doubts. Those who enter this chakra become more understanding of a universal law: the will to give and receive. At this stage, it is possible to regress back into the two lowest chakras, but if the individual is balanced they progress into the pure consciousness of the heart chakra.

Throat chakraAssociated colour: BlueRuling planet: Saturn
Located in the neck. It is associated with the thyroid gland, which regulates body temperature and metabolism. The bronchial tubes, the respiratory system, vocal cords and all areas of the mouth.

This powerful energy point is about uncontaminated expression and detachment from the outcome of our actions. It can be described as the love for every living being, the sense of interconnectedness and sameness with all. When operating in this chakra there is only being, with no focus on emotions or thoughts. The realisation that takes place is that the inner light is present in every being. There is awareness of the self as an energy force innately connected to others, rather than as a distinct or separate person.

Third eye chakraAssociated colour: IndigoRuling planet: Sun
Located between the eyebrows. It is connected to the pituitary gland, which produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands. Also related to the brain, eyes and pineal gland.

The state of attained intellect, powered by ethics and morality. Intellectual realisation brings peace and stability within the self which allows intuition, insight and connection to the inner voice to flourish. The progression into this chakra depends on having the correct conduct and virtuous actions. The third eye chakra perceives both lower and higher states of consciousness. This means that the sixth chakra is the connector, allowing the soul to relate to both higher and lower levels of consciousness in a merged and inclusive manner. We activate this chakra through consistent purposeful meditation. Wisdom is within you, not found through any intellectual teaching or teacher alone. Identify the words coming from your soul, as your soul’s highest intention is to guide you in remembering who you are: a spark of the eternal supersoul.

Crown chakraAssociated colour: PurpleRuling planet: Moon
Located at the very top of the head, where the fontanelle area once was. It is associated with the pineal gland, which regulates biological cycles including sleep. The spinal cord and the brain stem.

The crown chakra is completed by all other chakras so it is linked to every gland and organ in these energy centres, therefore affecting our brain and nervous system.

The state of bliss with no need for external stimulants, sustained by a direct connection to the higher-self. This chakra represents wholeness and fulfilment acquired by spiritual energy from the source. Within the crown chakra is the potentiality for spiritual liberation from the karmic cycle. Activity in higher chakras must be maintained in order to rise to the crown chakra, otherwise there can be a drop in consciousness, such as when an individual returns to memory and reason to try to get explanations on why things happened in their lifetime the way they did. This will get them stuck in the lower chakras. It is, however, devotional service and actions carried out with the spirit of the Creator in mind that will elevate consciousness to the absolute truth: you are an eternal spiritual being only temporarily in physical form.

Overall, the evolution of values on a personal and universal level is illustrated through the chakras. There are no set guidelines on how to progress between the sixth and seventh chakras, the third-eye and crown. It is each individual’s own journey to discover. If the chakras are not operating in harmony, spiritual activity and meditation helps to unblock chakras. Read about the Modes of Material Nature

To connect with the energy channels in your body, try the following practice. During a meditative state, ask your unconscious mind to communicate with your body, starting at your root chakra and moving upwards. The messages you receive will be perceptive and meaningful to you. To facilitate this practice, use visualisation to see the seven chakras in their corresponding colours as energy wheels rotating in optimum health.

- Space Apricity

Understanding Chakras

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