Using Mantras

Using Mantras

Space Apricity

That which protects because of repeated utterance.

Mantras have been recited for thousands of years. They originate from the Vedas, these are books of knowledge and wisdom written in Sanskrit. You can hear them echoed from the mountaintops in Nepal to the boardrooms in SiliconValley. They are chanted, read, meditated upon and even sung. Repetition of specific mantras can generate energy and promote wellbeing. The energy can be channelled to a purpose you decide, whether it be health or prosperity. They can be recited to connect to energy in the material realm or to connect to spiritual beings and energy in the spiritual realm.

"A mantra is your direct connection to an ecstatic nature beyond the senses."
Our planet orbits our sun, our sun orbits other stars in our galaxy, and our galaxy orbits other galaxies. This highlights that there is a constant shift in energy, we are affected by these shifts here on earth. With the help of mantras we can channel energy towards our goals. For example, on a full moon mantra effects are highly amplified because of the increased energy. A mantra can be spoken at any time of the day during any activity. It can also be incorporated into meditation, known as mantra meditation. In ancient times whole civilisations willingly recited mantras. In these past cultures, spiritual activity was more habitual, despite its intangible nature. People were generally more introspective, where today people seek answers externally. However, many successful entrepreneurs today will tell you they make use of a mantra.

To begin understanding the effects of mantras we must first establish the link between Ayurveda, the oldest natural healing science and how it perceives the human system. There are four domains Ayurveda uses to understand the human system. There is a structural domain, a physiological domain, a psychological domain and a domain of consciousness. The structural domain refers to blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. The physiological domain consists of organs and cells. The psychological domain is defined by the mind. Lastly, the consciousness is a subtle domain, otherwise known as a symptom of the soul. Each of these domains are interconnected and influence one another.

Using Mantras

Mantras can be chanted, read, sung or meditated upon. They are known to stimulate our pineal gland, the gland known as the third eye. Reciting mantras creates positive changes in the brain. Studies have shown enhanced brain activity when mantra practice is performed. Different mantras emit a different Hz frequency. Visual patterns from sound have been captured by various methods, such as using cornflower or water. Through the vibration of a speaker different frequencies create different patterns. The higher the frequency, a more beautiful and structured pattern is created.

With the knowledge of the human system of the four domains, paired with the scientific research, using mantras should be accepted as medicinal.
Science has proven the benefits of reciting mantras and placed the concept in the domain of biophysics, where after chanting there are changes in both the physical and physiological level. However the concept still also falls in the realm of metaphysics, as chanting mantras will produce some transcendental pleasures, opening the doors to further levels of awareness and reality.

- Space Apricity

Using Mantras

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